:33 < ask me anything! i purromise not to bite!
[CLOSED] :33 < the askbox is open fur tonight!!
((Oh Dear…))

(( Well, I knew something had to have gone down on this blog when I saw 88 new messages in the span of 5 minutes. The other posts are from my friend that help me manage this blog dajkadjk. I wasn’t aware of these posts, and I apologize for any confusion that came up because of it.

Anywaaays, Just letting you all know I’m not dead or anything. School is drawing to a close soon, and maybe I’ll have time to work on this blog again! After all, I did start this blog during the summertime so why not revive it around then?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have motivational issues right now though, at least towards this blog. I really want to make more posts but I can’t seem to get myself to do it. Hopefully that will change when school ends! (And I’ll probably reread some pesterlogs to get back into the groove)

I’ve also been practicing some animation. I’m not the best at it, but perhaps I can pull something together to make up for massive lack of updates. And if I can’t do that than maybe I can make a series of comics. I’ll see~

All that aside, thanks for still supporting this blog even though it’s been dead dkadkj. <3

Lastly, send in any asks you may have now, because I’m probably gonna close the ask box at the end of the day. (The ask box is 3,000+ and I’m probably gonna clean it up before starting up this blog again)

-CC ))

((Status Update))

(( Finals are this week and after that it’s winter break! Which means I can go back to paying attention to this blog.

Right now my askbox is at 1700+ asks. I’m not going to close it because as I said before I’m keeping it open FOREVER. I can’t answer every question obviously, but I’ll try my best to answer a good chunk of them when break rolls around. <3

Tip: The more interesting your ask, the more likely I will answer it! Be creative and try to go beyond “Man you’re so cute! Can I have a hug?”

See you in a week! ))

((click-through, it&#8217;s a gif))

((click-through, it’s a gif))

:33 &lt; that s33ms pawfully fishy if you ask me!!

:33 < that s33ms pawfully fishy if you ask me!!

:33 &lt; h33 h33:33 &lt; like that would ever happen!!:33 &lt; meowrails fur life &lt;&gt;

:33 < h33 h33
:33 < like that would ever happen!!
:33 < meowrails fur life <>

askleijon stuff


Yeah, it’s been kinda gathering dust, but I haven’t forgot about it! Nor am I going to close it or anything.

I’ve just been in kind of an art block/style crisis phase for the last few weeks. (You know, that time when you feel like you can’t draw anything right? Or nothing comes out to your liking? Or you start to notice what’s wrong with your pictures and you’re having trouble fixing it? Yeah that.)

Not only that, I really need go through the messages and select the ones I like because….

there’s A LOT OF MESSAGES…………………………. (And the last 20 or so asks are “hey where are you??” Which I don’t mind and all, but they sure were sent very close to each other and I can’t help but suspect it’s the same anon unless it was like one huge coincidence.)

Anyways lemme stop rambling now.

I don’t know when I’ll update it again, maybe when I get out of this slump? And perhaps when school stuff blows over.

(( Reblogging this from my main so you know what’s up. ))