:33 < ask me anything! i purromise not to bite!
:33 &lt; nothing!!!!!

:33 < nothing!!!!!

:33 < rules!

((Well, if it isn’t already obvious, I reopened asks!
Since the load is getting a bit larger I’m going to have to lay down some rules.
[I’m only one person!]

I love all the asks I get and I want to reply to everyone! But questions get repetitive and after awhile I’m just replying to the same questions. So if you send anything like “Nepeta I love you!” or “Let’s hug” and etc etc I might have to skip it! If you’re unanon maybe I can send a private message just for you!

Don’t ask more than one question! (At least until I answer the first one!)
It clutters my inbox and slows down the answering process. (Especially some anons. I have seen questions that are very similar in phrasing and meaning and it’s quite easy to tell it’s all the same anon! )

I might start going out of order too. I get some great ideas sometimes and I would like to do them first!

And…that’s about it I suppose.

Pretty simple to follow right?~

I’m probably gonna close it again in 3 or so days. Upon reopening I already gained 60+ asks!! ))

:33 < reopenning the ask box this w33kend!!

:33 < im so close guys!
:33 < i went furom 70 something asks to 27!
:33 < i love all you guys and i want to reply to as many people as pawssible!
:33 < however i might have lay down some ground rules when i reopen them
:33 < the same questions are popping up over and over and i realize that im answering the same question twice even when i bundle them!
:33 < gosh im confusing myself with all these asks!! :((

(( Yeah, the camp thing is almost over and I’ll be free once the weekend rolls around.
Which means I can go back to losing control of my life on askleijon.

…After laying down some rules that is! I love all the asks I get but holy moly does it get repetitive. Like, right after I answered a question, a similar one would pop up in the ask box and I’m like “aaaaaa” because I don’t want to ignore anyone. [Unless I get over the top creepy asks, but that hasn’t happened]

All I have to really say is, when I open the floodgates, be sure to read what I have to say first!

Stay tuned guys.~ ))




it’s obviously, comfurtable @_@

(( It does say comfurtable, it’s just my awful handwriting u_u ))

:33 &lt; plenty of clips equius!:33 &lt; i even have my little pony ones:33 &lt; if you want that:33 &lt; h33 h33

:33 < plenty of clips equius!
:33 < i even have my little pony ones
:33 < if you want that
:33 < h33 h33

:33 &lt; well have a lot of fun:33 &lt; so:33 &lt; much:33 &lt; fun:33 &lt; h33 h33 h33

:33 < well have a lot of fun
:33 < so
:33 < much
:33 < fun
:33 < h33 h33 h33

:33 &lt; a purrfect purrogram fur doodling!

:33 < a purrfect purrogram fur doodling!

:33 &lt; yeaaaaaah&#8230; :((

:33 < yeaaaaaah… :((

:33 &lt; we can fix this :33 &lt; *ac slips on her rubber gloves* :33 &lt; im a doctor!

:33 < we can fix this
:33 < *ac slips on her rubber gloves*
:33 < im a doctor!